Growing Directory of Pickup Basketball Courts

May 17, 2010
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We continue to add more courts each week to our directory and map of basketball courts. If you are in need of a pickup game, be sure to check out the list for the nearest court. There is still a lot of work to do, but we are very happy with the continued progress on [...]

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Are You Ready To Witness?

May 13, 2010
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Now that the media world has decided that Lebron is no longer the chosen one, I have one question. Are you ready to witness? Lebron has been dragged through the mud the last two days after his horrible performance on the court in Game 5 and poor remarks following the game. Don’t worry, he is [...]

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Naismith Taught Me How to Shoot

May 4, 2010
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I discovered recently that my knowledge of basketball descends from a direct path from the creator of basketball himself, Dr. James Naismith. In fact, this is true for all of the staff here at Dr. Naismith invented basketball in 1891. He eventually became the first coach at the Kansas University and coached a player [...]

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NCAA Tournament Expands to 68 Teams

April 23, 2010
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Beginning in 2011, the Men’s NCAA tournament will expand to 68 teams. The tournament will also be broadcast on TNT, TBS, and truTV, along with the regular CBS. The TV deal, a $10.8 billion deal through 2024, is most likely a good thing. It provides a way for every single game to be viewed during [...]

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Perfect Shot Angle and Rotation

April 14, 2010
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Q: How much arch should you put on a shot? A: You should release the ball at a 52 degree angle. Q: How much backspin should you put on a shot? A: The ball should spin at 3 Hz, or 3 spins per second. Wait, what? How on earth could we know such things? Well, [...]

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Hayward’s Shot Off by Half the Width of a Cord of the Net

April 8, 2010

I can’t get the finish of this game out of my head. While I personally keep thinking about Howard’s baseline fadeaway with 13 seconds left, the half court buzzer beater would have been a huge shot as well. The reason I have focused on that fadeway is that I think it had a much better [...]

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March Madness Money

April 7, 2010

March Madness is a financial boon nationwide. While CBS picks up most of the online and television revenue, host cities all over the nation benefit from increased tourism. FastCompany put together some colorful info on where some of the money goes during the tournament. I like the bottom left…”You”! *image source:

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Butler’s Ties with Hoosiers

April 2, 2010
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At this point, we all know that Butler is from Indianapolis, which is where the Final Four is being played this year. But, this is more than an Indiana story. This story goes back to the movie every basketball loving kid grew up watching: Hoosiers. The ties between the movie, Hoosiers, the team that movie [...]

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Final Four 2010

March 28, 2010
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The Final Four teams are set and all eyes now look to Indianapolis to see who will win the 2010 Men’s NCAA Championship. While all four teams had some very close and difficult games, the two lower seeded teams had to overcome last second shots to make it here as well. The first game will [...]

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Omar Samhan Quotes

March 25, 2010
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Omar Samhan has not only dominated his opponents last weekend, but also the media all week. He is very active on his own blog, twitter account, and Facebook page, and he is majoring in Journalism. I saw him once years ago when he played on my younger brothers AAU team. (Of course our high school [...]

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