Basketball Offense Philosophy

by George on March 10, 2010

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Basketball is like a game of chess. Both games consist of a lot of moves and counter-moves. In basketball, these moves are made by individual players, or in a team concept.

On offense we talk about how the defense is always taking something away, but at the same time, the defense is always giving something up. First of all, the offense should recognize what the defense is doing and then react. It is up to the offense to make the defense give up more of what it is taking away, and then exploit it, often by using a counter-move.

For example, if the defense is overplaying the wing, the offensive player should not immediately back cut. Instead, the offense should step out even higher on the floor. As the defense extends out, the backside opens up even more, thereby making it easier to exploit the defense with a back cut. The defense was taking away the wing pass, but it was also giving up the backside, a backdoor cut.

As mentioned above, it is up to the offense to recognize how the defense is playing, and to react accordingly. Often times, the offense recognizes and then acts; the defense then reacts, and the offense counters. That should be the philosophy of a good offensive player and team.

In the articles below, we discuss different offensive situations that can occur in basketball and the proper way for basketball players to execute these offensive fundamentals accordingly. It is important for players to understand that “reading and reacting” to the defense is at the pinnacle of being a good offensive player and team. At the same time, mastering the details of these fundamentals will hep you and your team execute its offense to perfection and help get easy baskets for your team.

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