Passing Game Shooting

“Pop Out”

  • Drill starts with two lines of players and two passers (A,B). Each player in line has a ball.
  • Wing line (1) passes to A and screens down on the baseline line (5). At the same time, baseline line (5) passes to B and waits for a screen by 1.
  • 5 comes off the screen for a jump-shot from passer B, while 1 sets the screen and posts up.
  • 1 receives a pass from A and makes a post move.
  • After shooting, both players rebound the ball and return to opposite lines

  • After going through the two lines shooting jump shots and posting up, now the player receiving the screen curls.
  • 3 passes to A while 7 passes to B
  • 3 screens down on 7
  • 7 curls off the screen and 3 steps back to the ball as 7 comes off the screen.
  • A passes to 7 curling, B passes to 3 for jumper

  • 4 passes to A while 8 passes to B
  • 4 down screens on 8, and instead of coming off of the screen, 8 backcuts.
  • 4 steps back to ball
  • B passes to 8 on the backcut and A passes to 4 for a jump shot.
Expert Quotes

“We try to stress the little things because little things lead to big things.”

- Steve Alford

Keys to the Drill
  • The drill works on teaching players how to read and react to how the defense is playing you.
  • There are three different options (Pop Out, Curl, Backcut) for the drill and we recommend having each player go through each option a couple of times before moving on to the next option.
  • Reminder, passers (A,B) pass to the player who passed to them that way there will not be a mixup with 1 player getting 2 passes and another player getting none.
  • This drill is an integral part of the concepts behind the passing game offense.

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